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tMitG announces new single and forthcoming mini-album

the Machine in the Garden are proud to announce the availability of their new single, "In the Vanir," on Friday, 10 December 2010. This is a digital-only single available on tMitG's Bandcamp page and also includes a remix by UK alternative-goth project Monica's Last Prayer. Pricing will be set as "name your price" for a limited time.

"In the Vanir" is a preview of the Machine in the Garden's forthcoming mini-album "Before and After the Storm" to be released in early 2011.

More information here.
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Introducing XV

It's been 15 years...

We are proud to announce XV, a special limited-edition 15th anniversary CD that will be released before the end of this year. The CD will include 15 tracks spanning the band's 15 year history, including demos, remixes, previously unreleased outtakes and two brand-new songs.


new tMitG videos on YouTube + Mirabilis news

tMitG news
We found a couple of fan videos on YouTube. Two different people made AMVs (Anime Music Videos) of "Miserere Mei". Click here for the most recent one, which was done by Jesse of Trico Films and click here to see one created last year.

We've also added some more of our own videos to YouTube, starting with a live version of "The Inside World" from 2005 and a live version of "Control" from 2002. We're continuing to dig through our archives and should be adding more content over the next several weeks. Enjoy!

Mirabilis news
Mirabilis is pleased to announce that our new album will be called Sub Rosa and should be released later in 2007. We have two tracks available on our myspace page from the new album and we also added a number of promotional photos for the album to both our myspace page and the images page on our official website.

performing live red
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tMitG in Gothic Paradise - Best of 2006

Gothic Paradise Club Radio Top 10 for 2006

1. Blutengel - The Oxidising Angel - The Oxidising Angel
2. And One - Military Fashion Show - Bodypop
3. The Birthday Massacre - To Die For - Nothing and Nowhere
4. The Machine in the Garden - Suspend - Shadow Puppets
5. Sumerland - Out of the Body - Imaginary Ways
6. Anabantha - Nocturna - Sin Decir Adios
7. Mortal Clay - Circles - Procession of Spectres
8. Anabantha - Talisman - Sin Decir Adios
9. Drunk With Joy - The Beginning - Sound Living
10. Mortal Clay - Mortal Clay - Procession of Spectres