Summer (anricat) wrote in tmitg,

new tMitG videos on YouTube + Mirabilis news

tMitG news
We found a couple of fan videos on YouTube. Two different people made AMVs (Anime Music Videos) of "Miserere Mei". Click here for the most recent one, which was done by Jesse of Trico Films and click here to see one created last year.

We've also added some more of our own videos to YouTube, starting with a live version of "The Inside World" from 2005 and a live version of "Control" from 2002. We're continuing to dig through our archives and should be adding more content over the next several weeks. Enjoy!

Mirabilis news
Mirabilis is pleased to announce that our new album will be called Sub Rosa and should be released later in 2007. We have two tracks available on our myspace page from the new album and we also added a number of promotional photos for the album to both our myspace page and the images page on our official website.

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