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Underworld + tMitG releases on + Austin live show

Underworld - only two copies left!
Awhile back we found some copies of the Underworld artwork (left over from the original pressing). Given that this album has been out of print for several years, we burned some CD-Rs, did some inkjet printing on the CD label and inserted them into jewel cases with the original artwork. We've been selling them for $10 on our merchandise page and we're now down to 2 copies. If you've been thinking of getting one, this is your last chance before they're all gone.

Tulip t-shirts on sale
As the weather gets cooler, you might also want to check out our long-sleeve t-shirts. Our "tulip" design long sleeve shirts are on sale for $15 (or get the short sleeve tulip shirt for $10 or $14 for baby-doll).

Click here to visit the tMitG merchandise page.

tMitG/Mirabilis page on
If you prefer to shop through, you can shop at the new tMitG/Mirabilis store for our previous releases.

tMitG Live in Austin with Attrition on Nov 24
We have a live show coming up in Austin near the end of November. On Friday November 24, we'll be opening up for Attrition at Elysium. subNatural will also be performing.
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the Machine in the Garden news

Thanks to sekhmet for creating this community! I just wanted to post a couple of recent updates for the inaugural post.

We've recently printed t-shirts with an all new design:

The t-shirts come in regular, baby-doll and a really cute 3/4 length sleeve raglan design for ladies. Click here to be taken to our merchandise page to order a new t-shirt.

We've also got a show coming up in Austin, TX with Voltaire on Friday June 30 at Elysium nightclub. We'll be performing with Brobdingnagian Bards and Voltaire. It should be a fun show!

If you are on myspace, be sure to add us as a friend! Click here to visit our page.